Master Your Voice

Maximize Your Presentation 

What you will learn

Voice Optimization, Placement, Projection, Strength, Stamina, Inflection, Vocal Health, Mic Technique for large events, and how to connect with an audience.

Learn how to develop your speaking potential following Mitch Seekins’ simple steps for maximum impact. Mitch can work with your organization in person or online. Sessions can be booked for large groups, teams or 1:1 personal coaching.

Participants can request (at no extra charge!) a personalized voice warm up file that they can keep and use whenever they need a little practice!

Having great content for a speech is only one small part of a successful presentation. The speaker’s delivery and quality of voice is the most important part. Without vocal quality, any presentation can fail.

Maximize your voice and delivery with Mitch Seekins – Vocal coach to many of Canada’s biggest Recording Artists.

Learn how to develop your presentation potential following simple steps that Mitch Seekins outlines in several different formats that can fit any corporate need.

Live Event

1 – 1.5 hr. guest speaker presentation (large group) which can then be followed with “breakout” smaller group practice sessions or for individual attention.

Online Event

Optimized for limited time and space. Have your executives and employees attend a 45 min – 1 hour information session, then participate in individual or small group practical application sessions.

Personal 1 on 1 Sessions

Online accelerated learning for executives, upper management or employees who want help and are on a deadline.

As a public speaker, facilitator and community organizer, communicating my ideas is critical to my work. Effective communication is a physical exercise, just as much as it is intellectual or emotional.  I’ve run for political office twice, in high-profile races, and my voice training with Mitch was immensely helpful in powerfully conveying important ideas to the public via speeches, videos, townhall meetings and press conferences. The training was also invaluable for maintaining a healthy voice throughout long days and gruelling hours. This coaching is a key part of my ongoing professional development, and I am grateful to Mitch for helping me learn to use my voice for maximum impact!

Anjali Appadurai

B.C. Provincial NDP Leadership Candidate, Environmental Champion, Community Organizer

Working with Mitch Seekins as a mentor and vocal coach has been an absolute pleasure. His technique, instructions and simplicity to vocal training has helped me find my true sound. When delivering lectures and presentations at work, Mitch’s technique helped project my voice effectively in front of a large audience to get my point across. Its also an excellent aid in my day-to-day activities where speaking clearly is extremely critical to communicating within a team. Mitch continues to be an excellent guide and a friend helping me put my best foot forward. Highly Recommended!!!

Harsh Deol

BEng, MASc, P.Eng

Q + A

Why would I need to become a better speaker, and how would Mitch Seekins help me?

If you listen to any great speaker, your subconscious mind takes notice of the quality of the sound of that voice. If it’s a good quality voice, the listener will subconsciously pay more attention to what is being said. If the quality of voice isn’t that good, it certainly doesn’t mean that the listener won’t pay attention, but it will require a more conscious effort and some of the message may be lost. All of us have a voice that can be trained to produce a better sound, which means as a speaker, you will make a greater impact on your audience whether that is, as a CEO addressing shareholders, or an executive speaking to a team… or any other aspect of business. Mitch Seekins has been training voices for 3 decades and knows exactly how to simplify and fast track the process.

I don’t feel that I have a great speaking voice to begin with. Will this make a difference?

Yes! Not everyone is gifted with a world class sounding voice, but we can all get considerably better. Even with the training there is no guarantee that you will end up with an amazing sounding voice, but you will considerably improve, have a higher impact with your message, and most importantly, a greater sense of confidence in your ability to share your information and message.