Warming up! The first of a series of short videos and exercise files that you can use or download. This one is all about Lip Trills, an exercise that has been around at least 400 yrs! I explain how and why to use them.

Today’s little video segment is all about how to do lip trills. An important part of a warmup cycle that should be habitual for every professional or serious vocalist.

I explain the how to’s and why for’s in my latest blog, which is on my website – If you haven’t seen it please go to my website, mitchseekinsvocalstudio.com and in the blog section you’ll find it there. Have a look!

I will be shooting a full episode about the importance of warming up shortly.

Ok… Lip Trills

Very easy to do and still very helpful even if you do them wrong, but of course much more helpful if you can do them right!

They work like this – demonstration

The goal is to maintain an even lip bubble trill thing and more important is to stretch through the passaggio or that crack between chest voice and head voice or the falsetto

You can use the fingers to gently lift the cheeks and take the weight off the lips, so they trill easier like this,


But if you can do them without the use of your hands, that’s better…. but honestly not necessary.

Then you do a series of arpeggios, working your voice from the bottom to the top of your range, trying to stretch through the crack, like this – demonstration

as opposed to flipping through – demonstrate

if you can’t seem to stretch through right away don’t fret too much about it. Its just a matter of time to get the cords to settle into position and you’ll be able to do it, as long as you concentrate on trying to do it, every single time you do them You still get a wonderful way of stretching everything out until it starts to work!

That’s it!

I’m going to film 2 sets of arpeggios for you to use or download.

1 for women and 1 for men

The range I’m going to use is a common range that seems to basically work for most men and for most women’s ranges.

Of course, it can’t be specific for your individual voice, but it’s a great place for you to start

When you study with me, once a student has a good grasp on the fundamentals then I make a warmup file specifically for their range and their abilities.

There you go! Have fun with them.

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So, there you go…. See you next time!