Q + A

Is there an age range that Mitch will work with?

Answer: Ages 13 and up.

I have a big tour coming up, how can Mitch help me? 

Answer: I teach recording artists how to manage their voice through the rigors of touring. Travel, lack of sleep, inconsistent diet, changing environments, illness, etc., can all make the job of touring difficult. See my tip videos on my blog tab or YouTube Channel “The Vocal Coach” for a sample of my advice.

I’ve damaged or think I’ve damaged my voice, what can Mitch do for me?

Answer: A damaged voice or fear of damage is devastating for a singer! I have been dealing with damaged voices for most of my teaching career (30yrs +).  Sometimes surgery is necessary to repair a damaged voice. However, it is wise to check with a reputable vocal coach (such as me) prior.  I have spared countless artists from having to resort to surgical intervention, with a vocal therapy I’ve developed over the years, by teaching proper vocal technique and allowing the voices to heal naturally.

 I’m just starting out, can I study with Mitch?

Answer: Yes you can!  I love to help new and emerging artists start their careers off on the right foot.

I want to increase my range…is this possible?

Answer: Yes. It all has to do with good vocal technique – breathing, support, and proper positioning. All of which you will learn when you study with me.

How long do I have to study before I’ll see results?

Answer: You will begin to notice some results immediately. However, the achievement of your goals are primarily dependent upon your degree of dedication, and to a lesser extent, your natural talent.