Private Vocal Lessons

The Purpose of Vocal Lessons

Anyone can sing. Learning to sing well however, with proper vocal technique, requires guidance.

Vocal lessons will help students maximize their voices to its fullest potential. Sessions with Mitch will develop:

  • Range
  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Breathing & Support
  • Pitch


Structure of Lessons

Mitch offers 1:1 private lessons via Skype. This allows students to study from the convenience of home, and from anywhere in the world. The use of Skype for lessons also enables Mitch to support his performing artists while they are on tour.


Lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Students have the option of studying once or twice a week (or more). If a student chooses to do two sessions a week they develop at a much faster pace. (Note: vocal technique sessions should be no longer than 30 minutes due to concentration and vocal stamina… until a student has developed enough to manage 45 min – 60 min sessions.)


Students must complete the introductory Mitch Seekins Vocal Master Class (1.5 hours) with Mitch prior to starting lessons. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of his vocal technique, this session provides students with the opportunity to have all of their vocal questions answered by Mitch. See below for pricing.


Upon registration, students are given a reserved time every week. (Spaces are limited, contact Mitch for availability). Group Mitch Seekins Vocal Master Classes are in development. Check back soon for more details.


Pricing and Billing


 30 min – $75

45 min – $110

60 min – $135 (Saving! This can either be two 30 minute sessions per week or a one hour session per week)

 Introductory Mitch Seekins Vocal Master Class – $400


All Vocal sessions are paid one month in advance via Email Money Transfer or PayPal. 

Students are not required to commit to lessons more than one month at a time. You’re welcome.