Private Vocal Lessons

Anyone can sing. Learning to sing well, with proper vocal technique, requires guidance.  Vocal lessons will help students maximize their voice to its fullest potential. Sessions with Mitch will develop: Range, Control, Versatility, Stamina, Power , Breathing & Support and Pitch.

“I can’t thank Mitch enough. Having my own personalized warm-up has been a game changer for me. It’s helping me exercise my voice to get ready for gigs in a way that allows me to sing with more ease and less strain on my voice. Because of this my voice has been staying strong and healthy and my stamina is way up! Yay!”

Robyn Black

Personalized Warm up File Accolades

“I never really took vocal warmups seriously and would often be out of breath and out of voice at the end of short tours. Mitch really helped teach me how to take care of my voice and gave me a system to make it through the most important musical moments of my life. I was able to get through a 10 week tour easily and I attribute that to working with Mitch. I can’t stress enough, everyone should work with Mitch”


Personalized Warm up File Accolades

“Mitch created a vocal warmup file for me that I have sung through nearly everyday for 5 months now- and it has changed my vocal game! My range has increased, the scratchiness I was feeling mid-set has ceased and my overall vocal stamina has improved. Thank you, Mitch! “

Nabi Sue Bersche

Personalized Warm up File Accolades

Singing Lesson Packages

Introduction to Singing Package

Are you a new singer?
Always wanted to sing?
Wonder how good you really are?

This package is a great start without the commitment of ongoing vocal lessons. Contact for pricing.

3 – half hour sessions includes;

  • vocal assessment
  • learn how to improve and develop your voice
  • practical tips

Vocal Lesson Packages

Personal one on one lessons tailored to your skill level and vocal health.

4 lesson package – Contact for pricing

10 lesson package – Contact for pricing

Contact: [email protected] to get started.


Mitch Seekins Voice Masterclass

Group Session – 2 attendee minimum – 5 attendee maximum. Group masterclasses are held once a month on a selected Saturday at 2pm EST.


Private (1 on 1) Mitch Seekins Vocal Masterclass.  

The Mitch Seekins Vocal Masterclass will educate you on everything you will ever need to know about how to expand and develop your voice in terms of range, tonal quality, control, and endurance.

When you understand completely what you need to do and most importantly why you need to do it, you learn much more quickly and retain what you learn much longer!

The Masterclass will cover- Proper Breathing, Diaphragm Support, Placement (projection), Vowel Formation (why that can be an issue in English) and Blending (how to properly extend and stabilize your high range with power, control and endurance)

This Vocal Masterclass is with Mitch Seekins, personally, and you can ask ANY question you have ever wondered about singing and it will be answered with clarity. The masterclass is capped so no questions are ever left unanswered.

Email – [email protected] – to register for the next upcoming Mitch Seekins Vocal Masterclass.

Personalized Warmup Files

3 – half hour sessions with Mitch Seekins

Learn the proper way of doing warmup exercises and then record a personalized MP3 warm up file to prepare you for a session, rehearsal, or show.

Then upload your personal warmup to your phone.

To warm up – play the file, using one earbud, and sing through your customized exercises. With prompts from Mitch to remind you of technical cues, you will maximize your warmup!   A must have for any serious vocalist.

Contact for pricing.

The Purpose of Vocal Lessons

Anyone can sing. Learning to sing well however, with proper vocal technique, requires guidance.

Vocal lessons will help students maximize their voices to its fullest potential. Sessions with Mitch will develop:

  • Range
  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Breathing & Support
  • Pitch


Structure of Lessons

Mitch offers 1:1 private lessons via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This allows students to study from the convenience of home, and from anywhere in the world. The use of online lessons also enables Mitch to support his performing artists while they are on tour.


Lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Students have the option of studying once or twice a week (or more). If a student chooses to do two sessions a week they develop at a much faster pace. (Note: vocal technique sessions should be no longer than 30 minutes due to concentration and vocal stamina… until a student has developed enough to manage 45 min – 60 min sessions.)


Students must complete the introductory Mitch Seekins Vocal Master Class (1.5 hours) with Mitch prior to starting lessons. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of his vocal technique, this session provides students with the opportunity to have all of their vocal questions answered by Mitch. See below for pricing.


Upon registration, students are given a reserved time every week. (Spaces are limited, contact Mitch for availability). Group Mitch Seekins Vocal Master Classes are in development. Check back soon for more details.


All Vocal sessions are paid one month in advance via Email Money Transfer or PayPal. 

Students are not required to commit to lessons more than one month at a time. You’re welcome.