Mitch Seekins Summary Profile

Mitch Seekins sang professionally for 37 yrs (1981- 2018), and has performed Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz and Opera across Canada, USA and Europe.

Mitch studied voice intensely for 15 years and began teaching students vocal technique in 1990.  He has developed a unique vocal technique (The Mitch Seekins Vocal Technique) that empowers his students with the ability to sing in any style, while ensuring they stay vocally healthy. Mitch is fondly referred to as “The Vocal Coach”.

Touring pressures are increasing on today’s (and future) recording artists.  Having the ability to maintain vocal health and endurance, or even fix and heal existing vocal issues, is an absolute necessity for professionals or anyone contemplating a career in music.

Mitch’s vocal technique is very different from traditional “vocal coaching”.  Traditional Vocal coaching, which is widely available, guides a student through music and phrasing.  The vocal skills students learn from Mitch are more fundamental and are completely transferable from one musical/vocal style to another.  Essentially, Mitch teaches students “how to sing” and how to sing well…along with the ability and knowledge to develop their voice to its fullest potential.

Mitch has shared his own specialized vocal technique, with the likes of Matt Walst – Three Days Grace – I-Heart Rock Artist of the Year 2019,  Stephan Babcock – Pup The Band,  Ian Thornley – Big Wreck,  Simon Ward – The Strumbellas(I-Heart award winners, multiple Juno Awards, including Single of the Year 2017),   John & James Abrams – The Abrams,  Jon Harvey – Monster Truck,  Emm Gryner (backup vocals for David Bowie and independent recording artist), Hawksley Workman (two-time 2002 Juno award winner)Serena Ryder 6 Juno’s, including 2014 Artist of the Year, 2014 Song Writer of the Year), Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies and many others.

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EDUCATION: Vocal Education has been through private study

  • Vocal Coaching with Mr. Brahm Goldhammer 1996 to 2000
  • Vocal Instruction with Tenor, Mr. Lenard Whitting 1996 to 1999
  • Vocal Coaching with Ms. Mila Filatova 1995
  • Vocal Instruction with Mezzo Soprano, Mrs. Susan Gudgeon 1993 to 1996
  • Vocal Instruction with Tenor, Mr. Edward Johnson 1985 to 1993



  • Launched Mitch Seekins Vocal Studio in Toronto in 1990
  • In 1991, expanded to include Vocal Studios in London and Hamilton and ran successfully to 1996
  • In 1996, closed the London Studio to dedicate extra time to learning Opera Roles
  • In 1998 began to prepare for On-line Vocal School
  • In 2000, closed the Hamilton Studio to focus on growth and expansion of Toronto Studio.
  • In 2001 established the On-line Vocal School
  • In 2002 moved Toronto Studio to Oakville, Ontario
  • In 2005 moved The Vocal Studio to Burlington, Ontario
  • 2018 relocated The Vocal School to a small-town North of London ON and teach only online.