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Students can take advantage of the technology currently available to make studying with Mitch that much easier.  While Mitch does continue to teach a small percentage of students at his Burlington studio, the majority of students prefer to study on-line through Skype.  You can speak with Mitch to determine which method is right for you.

Master Class

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“… I knew my technique was definitely going to need to improve if I was going to be able to last on the road. Mitch has taught me over the last 15 years, simple but incredibly powerful techniques that have not only helped me survive the road, but have helped improve my range and tone… in three words… a life saver.” Hawksley Workman
Whether you’re just starting your singing career, or are a well established vocalist looking to perfect your singing technique, Mitch Seekins can provide you with the tools and technique needed to harness your talent and master the art of singing.   Mitch Seekins is a well established vocalist (see the bio link) and has over 20 years of teaching experience as a singing instructor.  Along with the basics of vocal instruction (pitch, tone, etc), Mitch’s singing classes cover subjects such as diaphragmatic breathing, support, projection/resonance, vocal care, microphone technique & execution of language.  Mitch ensures that his students know how to get the most out of their voice, in the short and long-term.   Mitch often encounters, and helps, singers who have learned poor vocal technique in the past, and who are struggling needlessly.  Singers signed to major recording labels and management companies are routinely referred to The Mitch Seekins Vocal Studio to have Mitch help with vocal problems due to the stress of singing while on tour. Mitch has literally helped hundreds of singers with damaged voices, and many others with swelling on the vocal chords.  Approximately 90% of all the singers that have sought out Mitch’s assistance have been rock and pop vocalists. The vocal demands for this style of music leads many singers to have vocal problems.   Mitch has taught vocal instruction to students from ages 10 to 60, from international recording artists, to night club performers, musical theatre performers, actors, corporate executives and people just wanting to learn to sing for fun. Some of Mitch’s high-profile students include: Margo Timmins from Cowboy Junkies; Emm Gryner, solo artist, multiple Juno award nominee and backup vocalist for David Bowie, Hawksley Workman, with Universal Records, two time Juno Award winner in 2003, and Carlos Morgan, Juno Award Winner (Best R&B vocalist) to name a few.  Mitch’s vocal studio is located is Burlington, Ontario, and serves those students in the greater Toronto area who want to come in person for lessons. Mitch also offers singing lessons on-line for those not able to access one of his studio locations. See the Lessons  links above for details on his vocal lessons on-line, and for his studio hours of operation. See Q & A tab for more more information.

Q and A

1. Am I too young to take vocal lessons?

While it is possible for young people to take vocal lessons, the ideal minimum age is approximately 14. This is due to the maturation of the vocal cords, the overall maturity to understand the concepts of vocal technique and the patience for vocal study.

2. I don’t have a lot of natural singing talent, can Mitch’s singing lessons help someone like me?

This is an easy answer: yes, anyone can learn to sing. However, a more difficult question to answer is “Can I be a world class singer?” The answer of course is, “Maybe.” While your success as a singer does depend somewhat on natural talent, it is more critical to your success that you are a dedicated vocal student. More often than not a dedicated vocal student will, in the end, outshine a singer with natural talent because they have taken the time and effort to develop their voice and their ability. With all this effort, the reward is to be able to sing correctly with all the range, tonal quality, control and the endurance to sing show after show without running into vocal problems.

3. I have been singing successfully for years, why would I need vocal lessons?

A naturally talented singer may struggle in his/her lifetime if they have not learned proper vocal technique. As mentioned above, many established artists on tour find themselves in trouble and unable to complete tour dates because of poor vocal technique. Mitch’s vocal lessons can be learned and applied at any point in one’s career. Should an artist find themselves in trouble vocally, Mitch’s vocal technique can help repair their voice naturally (WITHOUT SURGERY) and ensure that in the future that artist is able to deliver performance after performance!

4. How often should I be seeing Mitch for singing lessons?

To get the most benefit out of Mitch’s singing lessons, a student should strive to study with him twice a week, in 30 minute intervals. After teaching for over 16 years, Mitch has discovered that if students take vocal lessons twice a week, they learn MORE than twice as fast. Many students however opt to study once a week due to their own busy schedules. Mitch does accommodate requests to study once a week, but offers financial incentives to study twice a week.

5. How long do I need to study before I’ll notice a change in my singing?

Mitch’s vocal students can expect to notice a change immediately. Most students report an improvement in their singing ability following just the vocal lecture.

6. Does Mitch offer any discounts regarding his vocal instructions?

Mitch offers a discounted rate for students interested in vocal lessons twice a week. He also offers discounts to those currently enrolled full-time in high-school or post-secondary school. See the Lessons links for details.

*Some exceptions apply.

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