“Mitch had a tremendous impact on our ability to sing. He played a major part in turning around our career before we had our first radio success, and helped us find voices we didn’t know we had. By the time we worked together, we had already been touring for 14 years, not warming up properly and hurting our voices through bad habits. This is how much impact his work can have. Thanks for everything Mitch.”

John & James Abrams

The Abrams

“When i first started out, I was only able to sing a couple of nights and then I’d need to take a rest. I knew my technique was definitely going to need to improve if I was going to be able to last on the road. Mitch has taught me over the last 15 years, simple but incredibly powerful techniques that have not only helped me survive the road, but have helped improve my range and tone… in three words… a life saver.”
Hawksley Workman

“As we started touring more and more, and for longer stretches, the strain on my voice got to become a constant worry. All that extra stress, on top of the normal pressures of touring for weeks on end, started wearing me out and I’d get sick. When I would get sick – we’d cancel shows and that’s just the worst! A conversation with a more experienced singer friend of mine led me to Mitch and I started taking lessons over the internet whenever I could. It was a lot of work, and it was very difficult to change all these habits I had built up. I was scared that it would change the way I sounded. But Mitch was committed to not changing the sound, but changing the way the sound was made, and the way it feels to make it. His exercises and visualizations got me to relax and support; to lift and to strengthen my voice; and to enjoy it more and more. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who strains to sing, and stresses about touring, to put their trust in Mitch.”
Tim Baker

“Mitch Seekins has been working with me for over 10 years. His knowledge and talent are vast and he has been instrumental in my growing success and that of the Rogues. He’s even helped us in the studio. Thanks for everything Mitch – it’s an honor to have such an incredible mentor.”
Nelson Stewart, The American Rogues

“Mitch is an unbelievable coach. After sustaining some pretty serious vocal chord damage I sought Mitch out to help with recovery and retraining. Had I not met Mitch I would never have recovered from the injury and wouldn’t have the career I have today. Since then, he’s helped me develop and strengthen my voice so that it’s tougher, more powerful, and more consistent, and I can sing as aggressively as ever without hurting myself. Can’t recommend the guy enough.”

Stefan Babcock


“I was referred to Mitch by another student when I was struggling with vocal fatigue and losing my range regularly. I am an emerging artist working hard to move my career forward, performing 2-3x/week, alongside rehearsing, writing, and recording. I feared I had damaged my vocal cords. Within the first lesson Mitch was able to assure me that I did not have any damage, but I would continue to struggle if I didn’t change my habits. Mitch’s techniques helped me recover while still maintaining a busy singing schedule, and significantly improved my vocal control. My confidence, stage presence, and song writing have all benefited from my work with Mitch!”

Elyse Aeryn

Artist. Writer. Producer.

“Whether I’m on tour, or prepping for a tour or recording in the studio, Mitch is helping me grow my vocal ability and keep it at the best it can be.”

Three Days Grace (17 #1 US hits!)

Matt Walst

Three Days Grace

“It’s no exaggeration that taking lessons with Mitch changed my life.  I started off as a songwriter and didn’t want someone else to sing my songs, I wanted to sing them.  But I wasn’t using my voice properly and you can hear it on my early recordings. In a live setting my voice would deteriorate and hurt very quickly.  During my first lessons, Mitch assured me that over time I would develop power, vibrato, expression – all the things I wanted to incorporate in my singing but had no idea how to.  After regular lessons I began to see a change, and my confidence grew.  I developed power and the ability to sing night after night.  My range expanded and my tone got 100% better.  The next thing you know, I was singing on Saturday Night Live in David Bowie’s band!  I feel that Mitch is my secret weapon; I take his warm-up exercises with me whenever Ihave a show and I swear by them.  Studying with Mitch has allowed me to be creative and express myself fully, which is the whole point of what I’ve dreamed of doing my whole life.  I love that he understands so many genres of singing, from opera to rock.  He is the best vocal teacher around.”
Emm Gryner