Singers Survival Tips – Vocal Recovery

Do you ever experience almost losing your voice or losing it altogether after a gig or a series of gigs? You are experiencing vocal fatigue. This video is all about how to enable healing as quickly as possible – Vocal Recovery. I hope this...

Singers Survival Tips – Singers and Water

Why is water so important especially for a vocalist? Kind of a silly question…. but then why do so many singers NOT drink nearly enough?! Watch my video and then you’ll know why it’s so necessary, it will motivate you to actually drink more water and take your vocals to the next level!
0:00 Intro
0:16 Why?
0:36 Cord Hydration
1:44 Dealing with Phlegm
2:37 Brain Fog
2:45 Physical Show
3:14 Vocal Recovery
4:28 Immune System
6:15 How Much?
6:30 Matt Walst – 3 Days Grace, Stefan Babcock – PUP, Luna Li
6:59 Coffee? Beer? Energy Drinks?
7:25 Water and Lemon
8:03 Ice
8:43 The Goal – Every Day!
9:44 Age
9:55 Singers Issues can Disappear
10:14 Chug!

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Keeping you updated on some interviews I will be posting over the next few weeks. Luna Li - on her approach to songwriting and of course singing! Also a couple interviews with 2 major producers and their insights for singers and how to...