Keeping you updated on some interviews I will be posting over the next few weeks. Luna Li – on her approach to songwriting and of course singing! Also a couple interviews with 2 major producers and their insights for singers and how to prep for the studio….check it out. If you are a serious vocalist you wont want to miss it!



Hi, Im Mitch Seekins The Vocal Coach

Just wanted to give you all an update on what’s coming up. I’m doing a series of interviews to let you know firsthand what it takes to become a truly pro vocalist…. from the people who are actually doing it!

This week I’ll be posting an interview I did with Singer Songwriter and amazing multi-instrumentalist – Luna Li who is beginning to make a big splash in the scene, selling out shows in LA, San Francisco, and New York (those are the ones I know about) …and she is another student of mine who is playing at Coachella! That makes 3 this year! She is playing a private afterparty, not one of the main stages…. Who knows…perhaps next year? Fingers crossed!

I am also doing series of interviews with a couple of award winning Producers….to give you insights on what you can do as a vocalist to prepare for the studio…the first is, the last week of April, with renown Canadian Producer Gavin Brown, who has worked with such people as the bare-naked ladies, Three Days Grace, The Tragically Hip, New Kids On The Block, Metric…even some stuff with Lady Gaga! Going to be very cool!

Then the 1st week of May I’m talking with LA producer Howard Benson who’s is not only an overall producer but is also known as a great vocal producer! He has worked with people like Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Cornell, Motorhead, Rascal Flatts, Santana and again my guys 3 Days Grace…. Stuff he has produced has sold more that 100 million albums and over 20 billion streams!

These guys are going to have amazing insights to share! I’m really looking forward to talking with them!

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