Letting everyone know about the upcoming Singers Survival Tips episode due to be posted shortly! This one is all about the importance of drinking water and keeping hydrated. Plus there is lots of new content coming…



“Singers Survival Tips” New episode -Water, Water, Water  coming soon!

How important is it really for a vocalist to drink water? And how much? Check out what some of the pro’s, who tour the world have to say

Hi, Im Mitch Seekins The Vocal Coach

It is so nice to see everyone finally heading back out on tour and doing shows. I doing a series of Singer survival tips to help out! The next upcoming singer’s survival tip is on the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated …there is a link in my bio to my blog where everything is posted. Oh, and if you find this series helpful  share and follow me… I’ll let you know when each episode is uploaded!