This is a file that you can download or stream and use to help or begin a warm-up cycle.

Okay! Just a couple things to touch on before we start. If you haven’t watched the how to do lip trills video, just go back and do that it’s really, really short. Use your hands when you need to, if you need to… if you can do without it that’s great but if not, use your hands and gently lift the cheeks up. The Passaggio, the crack… don’t allow the crack to happen too early. You want to stretch the chest voice up a little bit you don’t want to ram it but you do want to want to stretch it and when you go up into head voice or falsetto make sure you come back down into chest. You want to work that Passaggio, that crack. That’s an important part of the exercise.

This is the arpeggio that I’m going to use and I’ll go up and semi-tones and that’s about it!

Let’s go to work.