If you have entered the working world, regardless of age or profession, you have undoubtedly noticed how important the art of communication is and how employers tend to favor those with polished verbal communication skills. Perhaps you have explored some of the basic elements for effective communication, such as body language, content, phrasing and voice. While there is an abundance of material on most of those elements and how they influence the outcome of good communication, it is my opinion (as a vocal coach of 30 years) that:

1. There is a lack of understanding on just how important the element of the voice is in successful communication.
2. There is not an abundance of readily available information on how to train and develop your voice for this purpose.

The explanation of WHY the voice matters is multi-layered and interconnected. The degree of control and confidence you have in your voice:

1. Influences how you feel about yourself (affects what you project)
2. Influences how others perceive you (affects how your messages are received)

When I teach someone HOW to take control of their voice, I begin with the fundamentals and show them how to master: placement, resonance, and projection. Subsequent steps build on those fundamentals, and include such things as strengthening vocal muscles for endurance. My intention with this blog series is to break down the WHY & HOW for you a little further. I will also be sharing opportunities for FREE Q & A sessions so you can chat with me and continue to learn and improve your communication toolkit!
I wish to leave you with some encouraging news – training the voice is not only possible, but achievable in far less time than you might think. I have discovered and developed techniques* specifically for speakers, that produce results quickly with a commitment to short daily practice sessions.
I am passionate about this subject and look forward to sharing more with you!

Mitch Seekins
Creator of the *The SVM System™