Welcome to the very first tip episode!

This episode is all about a very important tip…


I know that might sound kinda strange but bear with me ok?

And the musical clip features Ian Thornley, a fantastic vocalist, nailing some high notes in Nashville live with his band Big Wreck!

Hi! I’m Mitch Seekins The Vocal Coach….want to see what some of my students are doing?


One of the most difficult things for a singer to do is to stay healthy… particularly while on the road!


Now, when you are at home, you build up you immune system, but once you go on the road,  the germs that are in Toronto are not the same germs  that are in Nashville, which are not the same germs that are in LA …and if it is a great big city, say for example New York, the germs from one side of the city to the other change


And then you come in contact with so many other people through meet and greets, interviews, rehearsals, performances… coupled with the fact that touring is absolutely exhausting … it doesn’t take long for the immune system to get overwhelmed….

and when you are a vocalist sickness always seems to hit the throat first!



What you have to know is The 1st line of defense for the body is the mucus membranes in the nose, sinuses and the throat.


Germs and viruses get caught in these membranes then get expelled when you sneeze, cough or swallow.

During the spring, summer and early fall things are usually ok, but come late fall or winter…

Its not only cold…but its also bone dry!

And when the heating systems kick on. they blow out pure dry air… and that includes Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Man, its really cold out here!


During the day we don’t have to worry so much because you’re eating, salivating, drinking water…the problem is at night when you are doing none of those things.


And when the membranes dry out, they can crack, and then germs and viruses have a direct line into the body….and this is why everyone gets sick this time of the year.

For example, the flu season!


The body produces mucus to protect the area which in turn can dry out….then more mucus…thats why you can wake up in the morning and be all pasty …it’s a vicious cycle.


The best way to combat this is to have a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom… but only at night! You want to let your room dry out during the day.


If you do this the body wont over produce excess mucus and the membranes wont dry out. You have a much better chance of NOT getting sick! It’s not a guarantee of course, but it sure ups the odds!


This is also necessary for vocal recovery which I will be covering in another episode.


All my students have and travel with cool mist humidifiers and I do remind them when it’s time to get them going.

Now if you live or tour in a hot climate all of this still applies… but for air conditioning!

And of course, washing your hands all the time helps as well.

So there here you go…hopefully you found this helpful.


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